Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Questions to ask about rough cut

These are questions that we want to ask our audience after they have watched our rough cut. This is because we want the feedback to help create something better than what we already have.

1) Is the narrative clear?

When playing the rough cut the audience were able to clearly understand the narrative and her participation in the murders. What wasn't so clear was the fact that she has schizophrenia. We will place filters onto the footage after she has taken the pills to show her change.

2) What enigmas are there?

Why was she taking the pills?
Where is she going?

3) Can you tell what the sub-genre is?

Crime. The psychological aspect wasn't picked up in. In order to make this sub genre more obvious we will use filters and possibly add sounds to show how disorientated she is

4) What type of music do you think would go well with this?

The audience felt that no music was needed during the news report but something was needed at the end.

Alice Arnold and Jazmine Butler

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