Friday, 2 March 2012

Final Cut Project

So far we have managed to upload our footage and sequence it together. We removed the takes that we didn't want and the takes that had unwanted sound in. We then placed the news report footage into the sequence so that it cuts from the report to the narrative continuously throughout the sequence. This will help to show the link between the main character and the story that is the plot to the film. We also placed it in to help show that the character is watching t.v.

With the news report we cut the visual part of the clip so that only small parts of it are playing at a time. However, the sound plays throughout the sequence feeding the audience clues and creating enigmas.

During the sequence we changed our editing technique to help show our main characters state of mind. It goes from the takes being quite long at the beginning to them being short, creating a jumpy effect towards the end. This shows that something within the character has changed after she has taken the pills. This gives hints to the audience about what her mental illness is/could be.

Alice Arnold and Jazmine Butler

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