Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ordering of credits

This is the order in which we want the credits to be in. We want them to end just before our 2 minute sequence ends. This is the conventional way of presenting credits.

1- Logo of production/distribution company - approximately  19 seconds
2- Name of production/distribution company - approximately 5 seconds
3- Producers names and possibly other production companies - approximately 6 seconds
4- Major stars - approximately 15 seconds in total, 3-4 seconds per actor/actress
5- Title of the film - Watched - approximately 7 seconds
6- Co-stars - approximately 12 seconds, more than one name on the screen, 4 seconds before change
7- Casting by - approximately 4 seconds
8- Costumes by - approximately 4 seconds
9- Music by - approximately 4 seconds
10- Editing by - approximately 4 seconds
11- Production designer - approximately 4 seconds
12- Directors of photography - approximately 4 seconds
13- Produced by - approximately 5 seconds
14- Written by - approximately 3 seconds
15- Directed by - approximately 4 seconds

All of the credits will be in the same font apart from the title of the film and the director of the film. This is because these are the two things that we want to stand out as they are the pieces of information that we want the audience to see clearly. The font used on these pieces of information will look/appear to be hand written which will help the audience to gain clues about the main character. This will help to create enigmas as the audience will want to know whether or not the difference is relevant or not.

Alice Arnold 

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