Wednesday, 8 February 2012

News Report script

( Jazmine over voice, no face on screen) There has been a string of murders in Cambridge that police are calling highly mysterious, Liz Roberts has more. This report contains flash photography.

(Alice on screen) Reports of a rampaging murderer on the streets is affecting the freedom that the community used to feel. They have confided in us that they wish they were able to go out at night and play the games that they were able to just a matter of weeks ago. Their parents have also mentioned how they loved the community spirit the area had. They reminisced over how the adults all hung over each others fences with their cup of tea's and cigarettes gossiping about what was going on in the word; the children only coming home for dinner or if they got hungry in the day. They would be dirty from playing all day...This is what is missed. 

Ever since the reports began about the murders nobody has left their house. the police have recently issued a statement saying that they still don not have any suspects. We have an interview with the latest victims brother and his views about the murderer.

(George answers on screen) Do you have any suspicions about who it is?
Did you know any of the victims?
How has this affected you and your family? * long answer*

Jazmine Butler

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