Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Filming Schedule

This is the filming schedule. It details what we will do on each day of filming.

Next lesson we plan on filming our news report in the white room in college. We estimate that this will take around 1 minute to read. In the same lesson we plan on uploading it into FinalCut Express and putting in icons to make it look more like a news report. This should take no longer than 30 minutes. We will then burn this footage onto a disk so that we will be able to play it on location.

Looking at the BBC News website we can see that the sun sets around 5pm in our filming location. We needed to find this out as our film is set at night. This will enable us to get on location before this time in order to sort out the location and move things around to change the way the mise-en-scene affects the way that the audience feel.

When filming we will do it over two days to ensure that we get good quality footage and that we do not have to rush ourselves when filming. We will shoot in a chronological order. This will enable us to keep track of what shots we have done and what we have to do the following day.

We plan to stop filming the first day as the main character reaches the top of the stairs. This is because it will be easy to replicate on the second day of filming to help keep continuity meaning that the standard will be higher. Again on the second day we plan on getting on location an hour before to change things on location to how we want them. The main thing that we will have to arrange on the second day of shooting is the bathroom cabinet. This is because this is what is going to give the audience the most clues about what the main character is like.

Alice Arnold

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