Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sub Genres

I have researched the different sub genres of thrillers and I believe the Mechanist is a psychological thriller as in the opening it shows a killer, killing but he seems very nervous and unsure about it all. As he is showing that he isn't a professional killer and he is trying to cover up something we believe he has done, kill someone. This would connote that he has something wrong psychologically and regrets what he has done. We as voyeurs see him alone smoking his cigarette in low lighting; this creates a sense of sympathy for the character and makes us almost feel sorry for him as we see how scared he is. It also shows he has a weak state of mind and this is a link to sub genre of psychological. His body language and the mise en scene of the cigarette connote that he is not in a good state of mind at this point suggesting this film is a psychological thriller.

Jazmine Butler

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