Friday, 20 January 2012

Sound in the theatrical trailer of The Descent

We watched the theatrical trailer for The Descnet. Once with sound and once without sound. We have to make notes on the difference that sounds make and the effect it has on the audience.

In my opinion I feel disconnected to the characters and don't feel anything towards them. With no sounds the effect of having montage style editing in non chronological order left us feeling confused and unsure about the narrative. This left me feeling even more distant from the characters in the film. Alice Arnold

In my opinion, the effect of the images on me were quite dramtic. It made me feel slightly scared as when the word "chlostrophobia" came up, it was in a supernatural, serif typography which added to the feeling of thew word itself as it is a well known phobia. As the order was out of place it also added to the effect of unnatural. Jazmine Butler

Analyse sound
How is reaction different
How does it play on emotions

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