Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Machinist- Analysis

From this opening we can see that there is a crime in the core of the narrative. This is shown by the body being rolled up into a carpet and then rolled down into the sea. There is a complex narrative due to the protagonist dropping the body onto the floor to go into the sea as he sees a light coming. The body doesn't roll down the hill and the character sees the light getting closer, so he kicks it and the body unfolds. From the very beginning of the opening lots of enigmas come up such as why does he have a scar on his face? What is he looking at? Who's in the car? etc. There is an extraordinary situation, the killing, happening in an ordinary setting, the seaside. There is a theme of voyeurism as the antagonist doesn't know that we as a viewer are watching him. The manipulation of the high angle perspective over the guy who is getting hurt is showing that the antagonist has a dominance over the man. The one important enigma over the first beginning of the film is why and who is dead?

Jazmine Butler

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