Tuesday, 31 January 2012


We will not need many different locations for the sequence but we will need various rooms inside a house. We may encounter various problems whilst we are filming at these different places.

  • An empty street with very few cars and no people outside. It should be dark with few street lights and should be as quiet as possible. If there is noise of traffic it should be distant and quite quiet which suggests it is far away. All of these things will help to show the main characters vulnerability. A problem we may have with filming here is that we cannot guarantee that people will not walk past as we are filming. Another problem is that on the day we plan to film there may be lots of cars parked outside. Another car related problem is that the nearby road may be very busy that will mean that there will be lots of noise.

  • Another location we will need is a kitchen inside the house. The kitchen should be quite brightly lit to help show significant props and to help show more discreet things in the mise-en-scene such as many plates on the draining board, toys on the kitchen counter etc. The only person in the kitchen we should see is the main character. A problem with filming inside someones house is that the people that live in the house may keep walking in/through as we are filming which will disrupt us. Another problem we may encounter is noise from the people that live in the house. They may still b in the house when we film but they may be creating a lot of noise which may affect our footage.

  • A living room that is dimly lit by a dim lightbulb and the T.V. screen. This will emphasise what is happening on the news report. It will also help to represent the main characters condition.The room should be empty apart from the main character. An issue we may have here is that the lighting may not be bright enough to see the time on the clock. We may also have the same problem with noise from the family whilst filming at this location.

  • A staircase with a hallway at the top and bottom. This area can be brightly lit but must be empty and only show the main character. There may also be more children's toys on the stairs which will be shown through the mise-en-scene. We may find it hard to position the camera where we want to due to the fact that there is not a lot of space. Once again we have noise issues from the family and run the risk of them walking past whilst we are filming.

  • The other location that we need is a back garden. This must be dark with no lighting. It must also be as quiet as possible like the street. When shooting in the garden we will pick things up like a trampoline, a swing and a bike on camera which will further suggest that the main character lives with her family. An issue with filming in the garden is that it will be quite dark so it may be hard to  pick up images. Another problem we may face is the noise from the road and from people that may be walking past as we are filming.

Alice Arnold

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