Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Idea for thriller opening

Sub-genre: Psychological - This sub-genre will be hinted at in the opening sequence through the lighting. The lighting is going to be the thing that controls what the character does and how she behaves.

Character: A teenage girl who has epilepsy in a house on her own. evidence of her living with a family throughout the house. She may also have schizophrenia. The epilepsy could cause her personality to change and turn into a murderer.

Setting: An urban street, the focus is one house in which the main character is (the teenage girl). 

Tone/Atmosphere: Bright lightings will help to create a lighter mood than what is expected in a thriller but is vital as it helps to understand the main character.

Name of the Film: Breakdown - Hints at the main character's condition.

This is one idea for our thriller opening. 

The opening can start with the teenage girl watching the news (the news report could be about a local crime, possibly a murder or a chain of burglaries) and a warning about flash photography comes up. Whilst this report is playing she appears to be reading or checking her phone. She then looks at the clock and notices the time. She gets up and goes to the bathroom to look in the mirror. The whole time we can still hear the news report feeding the audience information about the crime. The bathroom light flashes and once again she turns away and waits for the flashing to stop. She checks herself in the mirror, rubbing at her temples suggesting she has a headache. She leaves the bathroom, turning the light off behind her and heads to the kitchen and gets a glass of water. Once she has drunk it she places it down, the camera can follow this movement and stay focused on the glass. In the same shot the audience can see medication and either knives or a heavy object. The thing that is shown depends on the crime that is being spoken about in the news report. This will create enigmas for the audience as they will wonder who and what the medication is for and whether or not she was involved in the crime. As she leaves her house and begins to walk away she sees a bright flash of light and collapses. As she collapses she sees images of the crime that was committed, this will create more enigmas This would be done using montage style editing and incorporating many flashes of light. This could be the end of the opening sequence.

Presentation of credits

We want the credits to be in the conventional order in a bold font in a light colour. They will be on a black background. This will make it easier for the audience to read them. It will also make it clearer as the font may be hard to read if it is a dark colour. The transition of credits will be quite simple and appear and disappear without any real effects, which could represent the turning on and off of a light.

Alice Arnold

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