Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Credits in project

When creating the credits for our thriller opening we found this font (Broken Ghost). We decided to use this as the font for the title as the font represents the setting and the character. It appears to be falling apart, with bits coming off of it which is what we can see in the mise-en-scene in the bathroom, and old, damp place that is falling apart. This font represents the characters state of mind as the font and the character are slowly falling apart and disintegrating.

Alice Arnold

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Questions to ask about rough cut

These are questions that we want to ask our audience after they have watched our rough cut. This is because we want the feedback to help create something better than what we already have.

1) Is the narrative clear?

When playing the rough cut the audience were able to clearly understand the narrative and her participation in the murders. What wasn't so clear was the fact that she has schizophrenia. We will place filters onto the footage after she has taken the pills to show her change.

2) What enigmas are there?

Why was she taking the pills?
Where is she going?

3) Can you tell what the sub-genre is?

Crime. The psychological aspect wasn't picked up in. In order to make this sub genre more obvious we will use filters and possibly add sounds to show how disorientated she is

4) What type of music do you think would go well with this?

The audience felt that no music was needed during the news report but something was needed at the end.

Alice Arnold and Jazmine Butler

Friday, 2 March 2012

Ideas for soundtrack


We like the way that this was done as

the departed opening

Final Cut Project

So far we have managed to upload our footage and sequence it together. We removed the takes that we didn't want and the takes that had unwanted sound in. We then placed the news report footage into the sequence so that it cuts from the report to the narrative continuously throughout the sequence. This will help to show the link between the main character and the story that is the plot to the film. We also placed it in to help show that the character is watching t.v.

With the news report we cut the visual part of the clip so that only small parts of it are playing at a time. However, the sound plays throughout the sequence feeding the audience clues and creating enigmas.

During the sequence we changed our editing technique to help show our main characters state of mind. It goes from the takes being quite long at the beginning to them being short, creating a jumpy effect towards the end. This shows that something within the character has changed after she has taken the pills. This gives hints to the audience about what her mental illness is/could be.

Alice Arnold and Jazmine Butler

Friday, 24 February 2012

News Report

For the majority of this lesson we went to the green room and filmed our news report. We pre- wrote a script and I read off of the sheet of paper. We thought this would be identified to a normal new report as they often have pieces of paper in front of them. When we finished filming we returned to the classroom and uploaded the footage to Final Cut Express and used ECG to put an image of Cambridge from google behind the news reporter; this would be relevant to the news report. We got an image of the BBC News logo off of google also and minimised it it to fit in the corner of the report. We then added a band across the bottom of the screen with a headline to make it look more professional. We did all of this footage so we would be able to use it as the main narrative in our actual footage and storyline. 

Jazmine Butler 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ordering of credits

This is the order in which we want the credits to be in. We want them to end just before our 2 minute sequence ends. This is the conventional way of presenting credits.

1- Logo of production/distribution company - approximately  19 seconds
2- Name of production/distribution company - approximately 5 seconds
3- Producers names and possibly other production companies - approximately 6 seconds
4- Major stars - approximately 15 seconds in total, 3-4 seconds per actor/actress
5- Title of the film - Watched - approximately 7 seconds
6- Co-stars - approximately 12 seconds, more than one name on the screen, 4 seconds before change
7- Casting by - approximately 4 seconds
8- Costumes by - approximately 4 seconds
9- Music by - approximately 4 seconds
10- Editing by - approximately 4 seconds
11- Production designer - approximately 4 seconds
12- Directors of photography - approximately 4 seconds
13- Produced by - approximately 5 seconds
14- Written by - approximately 3 seconds
15- Directed by - approximately 4 seconds

All of the credits will be in the same font apart from the title of the film and the director of the film. This is because these are the two things that we want to stand out as they are the pieces of information that we want the audience to see clearly. The font used on these pieces of information will look/appear to be hand written which will help the audience to gain clues about the main character. This will help to create enigmas as the audience will want to know whether or not the difference is relevant or not.

Alice Arnold